du 15 February au 26 May - Tous les jours de 11h à 18h, sauf le lundi et le dimanche de Pâques et 1er mai

Christine SPENGLER "Opera of the world" exhibition

Museum of photography Charles Nègre
15 February - May 26, 2019

Meeting with the artist

Saturday, February 16 at 14:30

At the Museum of photography Charles Nègre, 1 Place Pierre Gautier in Nice.

Christine Spengler

Christine Spengler is the daughter of the surrealist artist Huguette Spengler, Muse to Vivienne in Paris Gallery. Of Alsatian origin, she was raised in Madrid after the divorce of his parents. She was marked from childhood by his frequent visits to the Prado Museum, where she was immediately fascinated by Francisco de Goya, author of the disasters of war.

She decides to learn his trade on the ground to become a war correspondent to defend just causes and the oppressed. It will exercise this profession until 2003 (Iraq). His photographs of the Iranian revolution in 1979 or the bombing of Phnom Penh by the Khmer Rouge in April 1975, are among the most remarkable testimonies about contemporary events covered by many photographers.

In 1983, back in Alsace, she photographs for the first time in color the portraits of his dead, surrounded by personal objects, beads and rose petals... A way for it to abolish "the frontier between the living and the dead. ''

In 1988, Christian Lacroix sees his pictures and falls in love with its colours, especially red tones. She tells him that this red he loves so much is other than the blood of the wars. It publishes virgins and bullfighters to editions Marval in 2000, photographs accompanied by calligraphy of Christian Lacroix.

In 2016, the European photography House dedicates a major exhibition, The Opera in the world, which brings together the two facets of his work including the prints are made by photographer Juan Manuel Castro Prieto Spanish and who have been published in a book title to editions Le Cherche midi.

In 2017, it publishes to the looking for lunch, a book homage to Marguerite Duras: Indochinese series. Christine Spengler's work can be read as a succession of acts and scenes where the story intimate, family, joined, the great history, peoples and nations in wars. Self-taught, Christine Spengler composed his work for more than 40 years with almost childlike fervor and gives us the keys to a world where the sublime always outweighs the horror, life over death.

It is this unique vision, as much as the eclecticism of Christine Spengler's work, that we will strive to show, through a selection of one hundred works, from the 1970s to today, taken with his favorite Nikon.

Every day except Monday from 11: 00 to 18: 00 (closed on Sunday of Easter and may 1st).


Musée de la Photographie Charles Nègre - 1 Place Pierre Gautier - Le Vieux Nice
du 15 February au 26 May - Tous les jours de 11h à 18h, sauf le lundi et le dimanche de Pâques et 1er mai
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