du 18 February au 18 March - De 16H à 23H


SATURDAY 18 MARCH 2023 - 16H TO 23H


See you for a 100% spring event at the crossroads of the arts at MAMAC! Circus, dance, visit and concert are on the program of this day dedicated to the celebration of nature and the living, around the exhibitions "becoming flower" and "Irene Kopelman. Marine models, drawing regeneration".


4pm - "Dé-Racinement" Duo danse with the company 7pépinière
Choreographic creation with Emmanuelle Pépin and Amal Alnabwany, around the exhibition "becoming a flower".

5pm - Visit of the exhibition "Irene Kopelman. Marine models. Drawing regeneration" by Hélène Guenin, director of MAMAC and Irene Kopelman, artist. In the presence of scientists from the Oceanological Observatory of Villefranche-sur-Mer and IRCAN (Nice), who collaborated on the project. The artist invites you to discover his publication Marine Models which brings together the 3 years of research conducted at the crossroads of arts and science with laboratories and MAMAC on our marine ecosystem .

6pm - Circus stroll through the museum with Piste d'azur - Regional Centre for Circus Arts.

19h30-21h - Open-air cinema with the Bandwidth as part of the National Short Film Festival in the Sosno garden.

BLEU DE NUIT, plural outdoor cinema session and on the big screen.

La Bande Passante, for a collective space for broadcasting, training and production dedicated to still and moving images and sounds...

POT-POURRI filmic a great burgeoning diversion, program associated with the exhibition "becoming flower".

9pm-11pm - Concert on the terraces

Méta Musique Machin (MMM), a research department in oblique strategies which, within the Villa Arson, draws cable car lines between (more or less) popular music and plastic practices.

  • Heja Deniz or the shameful but compulsive joke of the Turkish Jonathan Richman.
  • The Orchestre Inharmonique de Nice or the semaphoric direction concert of an orchestra divided for the occasion but which will nevertheless try to retain its legendary formal unity.
  • Music for the plants of the gods or the spatialized diffusion of the double album of a mythical but also almost unknown group. 

    Free admission from 5:45 pm – Free shows

    MAMAC - Place Yves Klein - Nice
    du 18 February au 18 March - De 16H à 23H

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