Galerie Eva vautier

2 rue Vernier - 06000 Nice FR
Nice le Coeur de Ville
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Open from 14h00

Eva VAUTIER, this name is not entirely unknown to us!

She was born in Nice in 1965 in a bubbling artistic pool. Ben signs her at the age of 3 months as a living sculpture. Immersed from childhood in the For and Cons, at the Window, Rue Tondutti de l'Escarène and in Saint Pancrace, meeting successively the artists of the School of Nice, SurfaceS Supports, Free Figuration and the Fluxus group, she listened to them, observed them. She was passionate about their debates that shaped her mind and were part of art history. She then developed warm relationships with artists of her generation, including her friends at the Station, where she helped organize the exhibitions. This allowed him to meet young artists from different backgrounds. She worked in parallel with her father on her reasoned catalogue, her numerous exhibitions, her editions and her gallery "Espace à DeDe", 2 rue Vernier.

All this gathered led him to open his own gallery in the same place, offering an exhibition space of contemporary art. It is in the heart of the Liberation district, warm and lively that this space hosts large exhibitions with young emerging and some more experienced artists, the Fluxus group, the Free Figuration... Events punctuate the exhibitions: performances, concerts, video evenings, dance, debates, poetry readings, as well as a reading area for those who want to take the time to discover artists' catalogues and Videos.

Eva VAUTIER has the will to make art moreaccessible, by setting up an art library, and by proposing each new exhibition, an original lithograph of the artist.
She wanted the gallery to become a space for research, overflow, creation, exchange andlistening. And it's very successful!

Opening times
Tuesday to Saturday
2 p.m. to 7 p.m.
July times from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
annual closure in August
possible visit by appointment

Guided tour for schools
The guided tour program is a new opportunity for students and teachers to discover contemporary art in an intimate and friendly space, meet artists and understand how a gallery works.


Wednesday14H00 - 19H00
Thursday14H00 - 19H00
Friday14H00 - 19H00
Saturday14H00 - 19H00
Parking Raimbaldi
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Station essence
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Distributeur CIC
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Tabac de l'Etoile
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Galerie Eva vautier galerie à Nice le Coeur de Ville
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