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Avenue Jean Médecin - 06000 Nice FR
Eglises - Basilique
Nice le Coeur de Ville
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Located on Avenue Jean Médecin, in the city centre, the Basilica of Notre-Dame de l'Assomption was built between 1864 and 1868 according to the plans of the French architect Louis Lenormand.
It is the largest church in Nice. In neo-Gothic style, it is inspired by the Cathedral of Angers. The basilica has two square towers twenty-five meters high, surmounting on either side a large rose window depicting scenes from the mystery of the Assumption. Many stained glass windows are distributed in the 19 side chapels.

It is quite massive, and this is explained: its construction was part of a desire of the authorities to Frenchize the city after the annexation of Nice County to France in 1860; and the Gothic-style buildings were supposed to be characteristic of a French style.

Respect this place of worship.

Open on sunday

Monday8H30 - 12H00 / 14H30 - 19H00
Tuesday8H30 - 12H00 / 14H30 - 19H00
Wednesday8H30 - 12H00 / 14H30 - 19H00
Thursday8H30 - 12H00 / 14H30 - 19H00
Friday8H30 - 12H00 / 14H30 - 19H00
Saturday8H30 - 12H00 / 14H30 - 19H00
Sunday8H30 - 12H00 / 14H30 - 19H00
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Basilique Notre-Dame eglises - basilique open on sunday à Nice le Coeur de Ville
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