Musée des vieux outils et de l'histoire de Lucéram

Chapelle Saint-Jean - 06440 Lucéram FR
Autour de Nice
Musée des vieux outils et de l\'histoire de Lucéram  - Plan
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Open from 13h30

Check out the small museum of old tools and history of Lucéram, located right next to the church, where you will find exhibited the tools of the iron marshal, a corkscrew for olive oil, a bellows forge, an anti-wolf necklace.... several hundred instruments, tools, accessories used in the village for agricultural and domestic activities.

The Museum is open all year round, Guided tours on request.

Call for more information.

Open on sunday

Monday10H00 - 12H00 / 13H30 - 17H30
Tuesday10H00 - 12H00 / 13H30 - 17H30
Wednesday10H00 - 12H00 / 13H30 - 17H30
Thursday10H00 - 12H00 / 13H30 - 17H30
Friday10H00 - 12H00 / 13H30 - 17H30
Saturday10H00 - 12H00 / 13H30 - 17H30
Sunday10H00 - 12H00 / 13H30 - 17H30
Musée des vieux outils et de l'histoire de Lucéram musées open on sunday à Lucéram
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