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Nice le Coeur de Ville
LE COURT CIRCUIT CAFÉ Agri Culturel - Plan
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Open from 8h00

Restaurant - grocery store fair - coffee & suspended wand - The gourmet - coffee citizen

A creative place for exchanges of links between people!
Unclassifiable! "The short Circuit Café is a place of Exchange, where people of the neighborhood, or passing, undo the world to do it again. The short Circuit is a transition tool, an alternative to the society that consumes us, as if we ourselves become goods, with always the concern for the largest number, access to the "living better". "The short circuit, all means are good to gather and re-done the link between people".

Restaurant season and organic Cuisine made of local products (producing direct) and the same day! Service at lunch Tuesday to Saturday 12 h 00-14 h 00 Service the evening according to the programming of events 7 pm-11:30 am Service Sunday Brunch at will 11.00 - 15.00

Fair store Selection of bread, tea, jam, honey, oil olive of Palestine, as well as many other food product of fair trade Artisans of the world and local productions.

Coffee & wand suspended The idea is simple: when you order a coffee, you pay a second which is placed "on hold" for an unknown future in need. It goes the same for the baguette. A simple, easy and practical way to help others. New: after 6 suspended cafes unclaimed, they are transformed into 1 suspended meal.

Break tea gourmet Perfect time to relax and discover the library filled with books, games, and even a listening point dedicated to the musicians in the region. Selection of rare teas with exceptional taste characteristics: freshness, aromatic richness, texture, balance, long finish... All accompanied by a House on bakery! Service from Tuesday to Saturday 15 h 00 - 19 h 00

The short Circuit Café coffee citizen is a space dedicated to prevention and initiatives from regular actions such as lectures, discussions, documentary screenings or other transition tool at the service of the common good, an alternative, social economy, solidary, ethical and sustainable. We animate a bar associative neighborhood, passing workshop Repair Café, at the concert in the plate, an evening Milonga, or reading, there is something for all tastes and all ages. Programming of cultural events from Tuesday to Saturday 7 pm - 11.30 pm

Open on sunday

Tuesday8H00 - 14H00 / 19H00 - 00H00
Wednesday8H00 - 14H00 / 19H00 - 00H00
Thursday8H00 - 14H00 / 19H00 - 00H00
Friday8H00 - 14H00 / 19H00 - 00H00
Saturday8H00 - 14H00 / 19H00 - 00H00
Sunday11H00 - 14H00 / 14H00 - 18H00
Parking Raimbaldi
258 Mètres
Station essence
578 Mètres
Distributeur CIC
29 Mètres
Tabac Bouinier Serge
818 Mètres
LE COURT CIRCUIT CAFÉ Agri Culturel café-restaurant open on sunday à Nice le Coeur de Ville
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