Di Piu

85 quai des Etats Unis - 06300 Nice FR
Cuisine Italienne
Nice le Vieux Nice
Di Piu - Plan
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Open up to 14h00

Italian cuisine with a view of the Bay of Angels!
The restaurant DI PIU offers a menu with Italian accents, in a contemporary décor, under the benevolent gaze of Botticelli's Venus. The colours and nuances of Italian cuisine are expressed in a range of flavours and the restaurant's location is enough to give it all its charm. Its terrace with views of the Mediterranean and the Bay of Angels makes it one of the most enchanting settings in Nice. Warm and friendly, modern and firmly rooted in the purest tradition of Italian cuisine, Di Piu offers you an experience full of authentic and varied flavors.

Call to book.

Open on sunday

Monday9H30 - 14H00 / 18H30 - 23H00
Tuesday9H30 - 14H00 / 18H30 - 23H00
Wednesday9H30 - 14H00 / 18H30 - 23H00
Thursday9H30 - 14H00 / 18H30 - 23H00
Friday9H30 - 14H00 / 18H30 - 23H00
Saturday9H30 - 14H00 / 18H30 - 23H00
Sunday9H30 - 14H00 / 18H30 - 23H00
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Di Piu cuisine italienne open on sunday à Nice le Vieux Nice
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