Vegan Gorilla

7 Rue du Lycée - 06000 Nice FR
Restaurant végétalien
Nice le Coeur de Ville
Vegan Gorilla - Plan

Open up to 22h00

VEGAN GORILLA is a vegan restaurant with cuisine vegan, organic, gluten, lactose, with fresh and home-made gourmet dishes

Taste vegan cuisine made from fresh and organic products

Looking for a restaurant bio, vegan and gluten- ! Head to the Vegan Gorilla, high school in Nice Street.

Willy BERTON, Cook and master Restorer, and his wife, Camille, passionate pastry, are all the two vegan. They. Cook vegetable so without any animal products (meat, fish, dairy products, eggs and honey). For all those who want to eat humanely in accordance with their consciences. But also for those who want to discover, for lactose and gluten intolerant, for the 100% organic...

The gorilla Vegan banishes all products of the food industry, working as raw products from local producers. Fruits and vegetables come from Grasse and surrounding area, the bread of an organic bakery in 5 min of the restaurant made by true artisans of pleasure naturally.

A unique culinary journey!

A kitchen simple and refined, tasty and reassuring that pleases you, while doing good to your body and respecting animals.

The menu changes every week, which allows you to discover newflavors.

As a couple, with family or friends open the doors of the Gorilla Vegan and enjoy many dishes and desserts fresh and made minute by this couple invested in animal!

A nice framework!

Upon entering, you will love the soothing of the Vegan Gorilla 06, with a big, long table which gives a friendly atmosphere to the room.

A pretty decoration organic, pure, natural, thought with taste and made of wood and brown tones. Quotes on the theme of the vegan are written on the walls, add an original touch to your restaurant in Nice.

A warm and welcoming, space in the image of its owners Mr. and Mrs. Berton (Madam in the room) and Mr. in the kitchen.

In short, a nice little table where the sense of hospitality is not lacking!


Monday12H00 - 14H00 / 19H30 - 22H00
Tuesday12H00 - 14H00 / 19H30 - 22H00
Thursday12H00 - 14H00 / 19H30 - 22H00
Friday12H00 - 14H00 / 19H30 - 22H00
Saturday12H00 - 14H00 / 19H30 - 22H00
Parking Promenade des arts
301 Mètres
Station essence
Station Total Nice Est
1673 Mètres
Distributeur Crédit Agricole
105 Mètres
Tabac Brasserie Lou Pastrouil
283 Mètres
Maître Restaurateur
Vegan Gorilla restaurant végétalien à Nice le Coeur de Ville
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