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Open up to 23h00

Hostellerie - Gourmet Restaurant

This is a noble Hostellerie that has a lot of character!
Old stones, a 13th century Cistercian refectories, a pretty terrace, a few bedrooms, ... It's a beautiful step... Time stops, the party begins!

The welcome is delicate and the cuisine tasty, a southern cuisine signed by Bruno Cirino, a lively local cuisine, full of lightness, imaginative. His wife, a self-taught enthusiast, has built up a cellar of more than 20,000 bottles!

Enjoy this cuisine to the glory of the flavors of the Mediterranean which draws its strength from the direct link established by Bruno Cirino with his peasants, breeders, fishermen, market gardeners, all rooted in their passions, all dependent on nature, in a never completed the quest for truth.

The restaurant is only open for dinner.
Weekly closing: Monday and Tuesday
Except in July and August,
Open every night.
Call to book your table

Accommodation: 5 bedrooms
Call to book your room

Open on sunday

Monday19H00 - 23H00
Tuesday19H00 - 23H00
Wednesday19H00 - 23H00
Thursday19H00 - 23H00
Friday19H00 - 23H00
Saturday19H00 - 23H00
Sunday19H00 - 23H00
HOSTELLERIE JéRôME restaurants gastronomiques open on sunday à La Turbie
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