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A little piece of Africa in the middle of the Musicians' quarter.

You'll find "In the Tropics" everything you need for African and Cape Verdean cuisine!

In the fresh department, you will find plantains, taro, kola nuts, different varieties of chillies ... , dry ray, pulp and red palm oil, peanut paste, fonio (gluten-free cereal that we eat like pasta or rice) , as well as fufu (cassava flour) widely used and mixed with other ingredients for the preparation of dishes.
Many beers more or less known and more or less light.
Finally, there are many cosmetic products adapted to the needs of Afro skins and hair: products based on cocoa butter or shea butter, ... .

Call the grocery store to find out if they have the products you are looking for.

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Aux Tropiques epiceries du monde à Nice le Coeur de Ville
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