Alziari Moulin Nicolas Alziari

318 Boulevard de la Madeleine - 06000 Nice FR
Huile d'olive
Nice les Collines Niçoises
Alziari Moulin Nicolas Alziari - Plan
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Open from 14h00

This shop has always existed and has changed very little.
It is located at 318 bd of the madeleine, right next to the mill. still decorated with many period furniture, family dressers and traditional objects.
It is the joy of the inhabitants of the neighborhood who came already as a child, snacking on some olives.

Sweet olive oils, aromatic, rather full-bodied.
Classic or flavoured vinegars.
Olives with chillies or candied.
Condiments, spices, herbs.

Table objects made of olive wood, steel cits, ... .

You'll find plenty of gift ideas.

Visit the Nicolas ALZIARI Oil Mill, which is the last traditional olive oil mill in operation in Nice.

For groups, the reserve vation is mandatory; for individuals, it is recommended.

Call to book your visit.

Monday9H00 - 12H30 / 14H00 - 18H00
Tuesday9H00 - 12H30 / 14H00 - 18H00
Wednesday9H00 - 12H30 / 14H00 - 18H00
Thursday9H00 - 12H30 / 14H00 - 18H00
Friday9H00 - 12H30 / 14H00 - 18H00
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Alziari Moulin Nicolas Alziari huile d'olive à Nice les Collines Niçoises
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