La Couqueto

8 rue Saint François de Paule - 06300 Nice FR
Artisanat provençal
Nice le Vieux Nice
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Open up to 19h30

An authentic address that is a beautiful family story! Here everything is made in France, and precisely in Provence. Its authentic Provençal fabrics Valdrome Her art santons Lise Berger and her wide selection of santons
Craft workshop When practiced in authenticity, Provençal craftsmanship is an art in its own right. That's what we've been doing from mother to daughter since 1937. My grandmother passed on her knowledge to her daughter Rose-Marie Allari, who did the same with me Michelle Rossi. I grew up in the maternal workshop where I rubbed shoulders and loved these wonderful fabrics printed in intoxicating colors. When I was old enough to hold scissors and needles and i was able to master the sewing machines, I started making all this under the critical eye of my mother who was very demanding and loved the careful work. This has become second nature and it is with such joy that I continue to give birth to the articles I present to you. This authentic work required a real Provençal-style fabric. This one was born around 1740, from the union of Oriental art and the floral motifs of Provence. Some bold navigators, who set out to conquer the Indies, learned the printing technique invented by the Indians nearly ten centuries ago. It was first practiced using stencils and then engraved frames coated in color. This know-how now has its share in the Provençal heritage. It is this high quality fabric printed with old patterns that I use for my making. This pure cotton, mercerized and printed in France, resists washing at least 60 degrees. The quilting I do is also artisanal. To make up the grid so special and so special to the Provence, each stripe is stitched individually. This combination of the beauty of the materials and the quality of the manufacturing makes my products a trilogy that I love.


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La Couqueto artisanat provençal open on sunday à Nice le Vieux Nice
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