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The VIGNES Universeis an Invitation to travel in a space where Precious Skins, Know-How, Creativity and Excellence combine blithely in the mode of original and colorful French refinement.

VIGNES DNA is based on three principles:

  • Precious Skins and Their Interbreeding
  • The Color
  • The Hand Made - Made in France

VIGNES is a workshop in the heart of Nice where rare leather goods are composed step by step, under the leadership of Bertrand Vignes, a leather goods maker who has done his classes among the most illustrious in the sector. Hand Made - Made in France, VIGNES in addition to its large iconic collections, BERTI, MIA, SAINT GERMAIN also offers tailor-made bags with judicious blending of precious skins of Iguane, Crocodile and Python never seen elsewhere.

VIGNES, with its bags in Crocodile, Ostrich, Iguane and Python, small leather pieces, iPad and iPhone covers, belts and jewels of Galuchat, knows how to put on eccentric accents while playing subtly and with measure, colors and materials, like an alchemist in an insatiable search for new aesthetic codes, unusual and singular ranges.

VIGNES is also a flexible and unpredictable bag that will transform in the space of a second as if it is a magic wand and change the climate by changing the color of its handles or that of its shoulder strap... it is the possibility within about three weeks to match a bag to a particular outfit.

VIGNES is a way of being, another way of living luxury with humor and elegance.
VIGNES, a bag recognizable among all with its small skin tag, "Charm" at the end of a chain palladiated like a talisman strolling blithely at the root of the handle, and its velvety interior of amethyst goat leather, like an invitation to the Meditation that this iconic color of the House vehicle.
Sublime collections that are endlessly available in a playful and joyful way according to the seasons and our clothes.
Precious skins, leathers of Ostrich, Crocodile, Python or Iguana of Java, small pieces in Galuchat with its unusual necklaces in pearls of this material designed by creative director Anne Vignes.
VIGNES a signature that alone evokes Life, a colorful and sublime Universe beyond fashions and geographical boundaries.
It is a new breath, a playful interpretation of Travel and Discovery, a playful and joyful spirit as in our childhood dreams...

Bertrand Vignes has been carrying on the tradition of Haute Maroquinerie Française for 20 years accompanied by Anne, his wife who animates with art and intelligence the creation of the Maison VIGNES.
At the Boulevard Saint Germain boutique in Paris or in Nice to discover the Atelier and the Savoir Faire de la Maroquinerie d'excellence, VIGNES, an appointment not to be missed at the time of Hand Made - Made in France.


Monday9H30 - 12H00 / 14H30 - 19H00
Tuesday9H30 - 12H00 / 14H30 - 19H00
Wednesday9H30 - 12H00 / 14H30 - 19H00
Thursday9H30 - 12H00 / 14H30 - 19H00
Friday9H30 - 12H00 / 14H30 - 19H00
Saturday9H30 - 12H00 / 14H30 - 19H00
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VIGNES maroquinerie à Nice le petit Marais Niçois
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